Not Dead T.T

My deepest apologies, to those who were like... expecting updates :/

Now, I'm back! I won't be as active as I used to be...

But really, I'll try to at least do some update from time to time, and not let
this community in a coma like state XD

And wow, 100+ members!!! I would have NEVER imagine that!! (haha the communities which have 1000+ members would laugh at me but huuh~ it's gigantic for me to have followers, and this many!!! :O)

So *THANK YOU* alot! :)

I guess I should make a banner for this and... making graphics again!!

じゃ、 また ね~

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    Shiroi hada ni kuruu Ai to kanashimi no wamai - Malice Mizer
Stay - Angel ☆

New :P

I really wanted some fresh air XDD

So following the profile makeover, the Layout !! I took a gorgeous one from milou_veronica ~♥

It was growing on me lately...I listened to my feelings x333

As you can see, requesting is okay now :3

If you have question or suggestions, don't forget there is a post to comment on!!


~ Akira
Phanta <3






• I only accept a request if you're a member, so join please :P
• ONE request per person/at a time.
• I accept icons, banners, headers, etc.
• I don't create layouts, be warned, I modify some (with permission), so bear this in my mind if you come with a layout request. I can also edit for you a layout you want to use.
• Please be clear while explaining what you want.
• Studies take time! So I can complete a request in no time like it can takes very long.
• Provide pictures in a GOOD quality, it's a MUST.
• Use the form below to post.

• Please respect the rules.